A Cloudy Sky

A Cloudy Sky

Oh, what flavors do thee possess
That render you the source of all art
In lucid observation, never failing to impress
Justifying the whims of the heart

A hyperactive rainbow road
Twists and turns till we're old
Not ever constant, no single mode
All seeking our pot of gold

As I observe the fragmented clouds
But a reflection of my mind
Thousands of people and a million crowds
Is there ever one of a kind?

A gust of wind and a bout of thought
Both pass over me in a flash
Always seems like there's something I forgot
Perhaps I have become too rash?

A lot can be learned from the horizon
The tales of the dying light
Processing all would lead to delirium
Making me think of the "why"

Perhaps it is this that
Binds us all together in sonder
That life is not unique and unique is uniform
Is a dangerous point to ponder

But what fun is an empirical perspective
Without a piece of chalk in hand
Our own uniqueness in the retrospective will
Make us the lead of the band

It is in this and the struggle against it
That the creatives find their home
It is the encapsulation of all life and art
That we will find ourselves known.

Published on: 2021-01-06
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