Anirudh Rowjee

Hi, I'm Anirudh (Builder, Tinkerer, Engineer, Explorer, Poet). Welcome to my Digital Garden!

Nandi Hills, May 2023 Nandi Hills, May 2023

About Me

I'm currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at PES University, with a strong interest in Databases and Distributed Systems. I build projects to understand the same. You can check out my tech side here, and also look at my proof of work or my github.

I like writing (to myself, to people, for people), reading (scifi, thrillers, space operas, mystery), and playing guitar (acoustic). I also really enjoy travelling and meeting new people.

For an insight into what i'm currently up to and what sort of content I usually consume, check out the gateway.

About this Website

Fair warning - you will find incomplete posts on this website. That's by design.

Here's a map of this website. There's no search, so feel free to use Crtl+F to do so - but in case you want a more curated exploration, here's the rough structure of this site -

The website you're reading right now is built with and generated by Saaru - A Project i've been working on for a whilte now.

Things I want you to read

Understanding MapReduce → Exploring MapReduce, a foundational computing paradigm for Big Data

Rustlang 101 → Let's Learn about Rust!

Boxes → Are we putting ourselves in boxes or containers?

Fixing a Bug in Meilisearch → How I made my first Hacktoberfest 2021 Contribution in Rustlang

Dubai in Pictures - Part 1 → Come with me to Dubai!

What you can learn from Failure → Here's everything I learnt as a project team leader (primarily as a Lead for the ACM PESUECC AIEP 2021)

Decorators by Example in Python 🐍 🍩 → Trying to understand what a decorator in Python is, and how to use it

My Thesis → My Thesis to life, and the rules I strive to live by

Saaru - Rust India May 2023 Meetup → this is about Saaru, a Static Site Generator

Git Up and Running (Git 101) → This post is my best attempt to put into words a talk I gave (by the same title) at my University a couple of times. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water, and let's learn about Git!

reclaim → Some of my thoughts on where this blog is going.

You Wouldn't Unlock a Mutex! → Did you know that you can't unlock a Mutex in Rust?

A summary of "Error Handling in Rust" → I attempt to summarize an article by @burntsushi5