The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are often the ones who do
~ Steve Jobs

I'm an engineer by trade and passion, so technology is a huge part of my life. You can check out my projects and my Proof of Work, but it's probably easier to check out my Github to get an idea of exactly what I like doing.

Helping grow the tech community at a student level and establishing a culture of shared learning and knowledge-sharing is something I've been passionate about, which I've tried to establish through my time as the Founding Core Team Lead of Hackerspace PESUECC. I'm also passionate about FOSS and the FOSS Community, which I worked on through Homebrew by HSP PESUECC.



Programming Languages

Some Select Posts

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Building Github bots with BunSamosa Bot → Building a Golang-based Github Bot for ACM PESUECC Hack...

Jumpnet - A Distributed Kafka Clone → Replicated Log Misuse to pass messages!...

Saaru - Rust India May 2023 Meetup → this is about Saaru, a Static Site Generator...

Git Up and Running (Git 101) → This post is my best attempt to put into words a talk I...

You Wouldn't Unlock a Mutex! → Did you know that you can't unlock a Mutex in Rust?...

A summary of "Error Handling in Rust" → I attempt to summarize an article by @burntsushi5...

Refactoring a Large Function in Go → I write about a challenge I faced at work, and how I so...

My Projects

Savaal [Github | Live Deployment]
A Simulator for competitive exams written in Vue

Mirage [Github]
A basic markdown parser written in Rust

Chick-Bot [Github]
A Github Bot to assist in the conduction of ACM PESUECC HackNight 2021

BunSamosa-Bot [Github]
A Github bot to power ACM PESUECC's Hacknight 3.0, written in Golang

Electronic Election System [Github]
A cloud-based electronic election system for school cabinet elections

SocketPrompter [Github]
A Simple Flask-based teleprompter

Saaru [Github]
A static site generator written in Rust

Hacknight Leaderboard [Github]
A ReactJS Competition Leaderboard to display scores and rankings

Gatekeeper [Github]
An Application to issue and validate QR-Code based invites via email to school students

Tic Tac Toe AI with Minimax [Github]
A Rudimentary AI for Tic Tac Toe using Minimax with no pruning written in C

Scotty [Github]
A python program to transfer files over LAN

Jupmnet [Github]
A Distributed, Lightweight Kafka Clone

Swiftlib [Github]
A Django Application to manage a small library

Hypeviewer [Github]
A Clone of the `pv` (pipeviewer)

Displacement [Github]
A Small FTP Client written in Rust

Hyperion [Github]
A limited-feature clone of SQLite