"What I cannot build, I do not understand"
~ Richard Feyman

Projects are my preferred method of learning about new things and concepts. I build in my spare time, and I love the thrill of problem-solving by doing.

My Projects

Savaal [Github | Live Deployment]
→ A Simulator for competitive exams written in Vue

Mirage [Github]
→ A basic markdown parser written in Rust

Chick-Bot [Github]
→ A Github Bot to assist in the conduction of ACM PESUECC HackNight 2021

BunSamosa-Bot [Github]
→ A Github bot to power ACM PESUECC's Hacknight 3.0, written in Golang

Electronic Election System [Github]
→ A cloud-based electronic election system for school cabinet elections

SocketPrompter [Github]
→ A Simple Flask-based teleprompter

Saaru [Github]
→ A static site generator written in Rust

Hacknight Leaderboard [Github]
→ A ReactJS Competition Leaderboard to display scores and rankings

Gatekeeper [Github]
→ An Application to issue and validate QR-Code based invites via email to school students

Tic Tac Toe AI with Minimax [Github]
→ A Rudimentary AI for Tic Tac Toe using Minimax with no pruning written in C

Scotty [Github]
→ A python program to transfer files over LAN

Jupmnet [Github]
→ A Distributed, Lightweight Kafka Clone

Swiftlib [Github]
→ A Django Application to manage a small library

Hypeviewer [Github]
→ A Clone of the `pv` (pipeviewer)

Displacement [Github]
→ A Small FTP Client written in Rust

Hyperion [Github]
→ A limited-feature clone of SQLite