Dauntless Mirth

Dauntless Mirth

Shut your eyes for a second
and let the wind wash over your face
hold tight, and come with, friend
up the rainy hillside we race

The monsoon sky a scattered symphony
of clouds and thunder and rain
listen carefully, the order in the cacophony
elixir to every plant and grain

let's lose ourselves in the trees
and admire the grand canvas til dawn
unbothered by who knows and who sees
we are but stardust masquerading as celestial pawns

fly with the cotton-candy clouds
and dance to the rhythm of the thunder
it'll forever surprise me, how these sounds
we took for granted make you wonder

run with me down the road not taken
and let's lose ourselves in thought
the madness for the mountains, once awakened
won't let you remember what you forgot.

Published on: 2021-07-07
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