Eternal Bliss

Eternal Bliss

As you sit cross-legged on the muddy ground
And inhale the cold mountain air
There's silence, peace and not a soul around
And the hands of the wind ruffle your hair

A still yet comforting peace descends
Upon you as you look up and gaze
The sight of a billion stars decorating the sky sends
A lucid clarity through the haze

As you stare into the colorful nothingness, savoring
Every little bit of this Technicolor explosion
The void speaks back to you, the sky, all-knowing
A grand yet graceful celestial force has spoken

On top of the world yet at the bottom of the universe
Forces you to think of the larger questions
What in truly infinite? Can time be reversed?
Every mental errata a new direction

What are these mystic forces that so effortlessly
Painted the sky above as through divinely inspired?
Perhaps we haven't advanced far enough to fathom
All that they have conspired;

It's strange that A riot of energy, entropy and color
Provide such an unassuming calm
The void and its energy match like no other
Yet The night sky shall remain a soothing balm.

Published on: 2021-05-18
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