A picture's worth a thousand words
A singularity of feelings and thoughts
Not a thing said and not a thing heard
At a glimpse you connect unseen dots

Stories of lives punctuated by these
In a vivid technicolor fantasy
Funny moments recollected with ease
What more do I need to see?

An awkward selfie, a "friendly" candid shot
Archived for many seasons to come
Hoarding them is a lucrative thought
Due to a special reason for some

Strangely they somehow mirror at once
Who I was and who I want to become
If given a chance to go back, I don't know
Just how many of those would come undone

Maybe somewhere between the remote control cars and the remote control TV
We lost the smiles that once burned
Brighter than a thousand suns at once, believe me
Losing it, a privilege we felt we earned

Photographs are fantastic as they let us keep
A little bit of ourselves in perpetual limbo
Hold them, look inside and look deep
I don't still feel like I'm him, though

Being able to capture these moments is a skill
Just as it is to be able to ride a bicycle
Clicking them is but an underrated thrill
Slows the torrential downpour of thoughts to a trickle

So let yourself be captured on to both human and digital memory
And you will recollect the good times with ease
How, you ask? That's very simple
Just say "cheese" :)

Published on: 2020-11-07
Tags: poetry poem Collections: poetry