The Endless Hallway

The Endless Hallway

A bucket of Consciousness
and the mop of the mind's eye
embark on this journey and peace is a mess
why do I even try?

genesis. a warm bundle of joy
a legacy of flesh and genes
a tapestry of hugs and kisses
no matter how limited the means

from pacifiers to bicycles
nosebleeds born of the summer heat
my friends and I and our beyblades
undisputed kings of the street

yellow-orange streetlights and mosquite bites
cast no shadows on these friendships
the fun was silly but so were the fights
all that remains now are faint blips

pockets filled with dreams and kaccha mango bite
were now filled with worksheets and deadlines
making the head heavy to keep the bags light
a grand factory churning out dead minds

maturity. a confused scattering of obligations
made us remember to forget
childhood dreams born of a wild imagination
promises never made, turned to regret

evening ceremonies and suits celebrate
a kinship stronger than titanium
will be see each other again? who knows?
thoughts unexpressed by the music we hum

as i walk down this path
technicolor memories on repeat
my feet on the ground but my head in the past
a streetlight without a street

i mop and sweep to keep moving
for this corridor is mine
a million eternities pass and a million more to go
within the infinite confines of my mind.

Published on: 2020-06-16
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