Wild Planet

A poem about a rainforest and the horrific treasures that lie within ~ Anirudh

Cold and crisp mountain air
Lungfuls of clouds
I wish i could keep seeing
The greenery all around

Unencumbered air
Pure, crisp, and wet
Descending and sinusoidal plantation floors
As lush and full as could get

The mist that slowly engulfs
As if to hide the treasures that lie
Moody and whimsical, sheltering playfully
Look through and you'll see why

Ethereal visions and eldritch forest horrors
Invade this tranquil vision
Giant beasts, silently moving
At once destruction and precision

Haunted engines that slowly prawl
Growling to beat these lows and highs
I must admit that I will regret
The day that I eventually forget
This oasis lost in time

Published on: 2023-07-19
Tags: poetry poem Collections: poetry