My Thesis

My Thesis to life, and the rules I strive to live by ~ Anirudh

These are an informal collection of my rules to live by.

Embrace systems thinking as much as and where possible.

Systems exist to achieve goals. A system is a composable (very important) set of tactics, procedures, and an existing knowledge base.

An attempt to reach a goal is for any system can be characterized as one full pass through the system. Conversely, every failure is an opportunity to tune the system to better meet the goal.

Embrace the two-minute rule. If I'm hesitant to do something, do it for two minutes. If i still don't want to do it, then i need to postpone it.

The best way to understand is to write. This extends to ideas, thoughts, and plans. Writing forces us to confront the pitfalls in our thinking.

A long walk always helps you think better. Avoid blank and unchanging surroundings because entropy in the surroundings quells entropy inside your head.

Abmition is goal-driven. Execution on achieving goals is system-driven. This is why achieving ambitions is ultimately driven by the systems in place that help you achieve your goals.

Work with the garage door open.

Automate whatever's possible to make start time minimal and reduce friction.

In an exchange, always try to be empathetic and understand the other party's point of view.

Published on: 2022-12-03
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