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Proof of Work

I Value proof of work more than certifications or any other such credential or metric that can often fall prey to Goodhart's Law. Along those lines, here's my proof of work, a comprehensive record of what I've been up to (also partially inspired by Manas Saloi's POW).

Proofs appear in reverse chronological order.


🥼 Became Lab Head at PES Innovation Lab

I became one of five Lab Heads at the esteemed PES Innovation Lab.

🗣️ Talks

I was invited to give a bunch of talks, specifically at -

  1. Rust Bengaluru May 2023 Meetup on Saaru - material here
  2. FOSS United Bengaluru Meetup on "The State of FOSS at Universities in the 2020s"

💻 Started Building Saaru

Saaru is a static site generator written in Rust, and it's been used to generate the blog you're reading this site on! Check it out on Github, and feel free to look at the documentation.


Tech Lead - Hacknight 4.0

Led a team of developers and maintainers as part of ACM PESUECC's Hacknight, also architected and implemented BunSamosa-Bot, the official event bot.

Rustlang 101

Conducted a workshop on Rust with PES Innovation Lab

Golang 101

Conducted a workshop on Golang with Hackerspace.

Vice-Chairperson - ACM PESUECC

I was appointed Vice-Chairperson of ACM PESUECC.

Attending Meetups and Conferences

Attended and participated in Deepsource's .meetup series and IndiaFOSS 2022

Project Intern at PES Innovation Lab (Jun-Jul)

Here, I worked on a project called PseudoDeploy, which uses Kubernetes to automate and enhance the Federated Learning Research Process and experience. The process involved diving deep into Kubernetes as well as the Flower framework for federated learning. Bonus fun part - getting to setup a mini kubernetes cluster from scratch!

PESU Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Level 1

I finished Level 1 of CIE's course, which detailed all the basics of starting up, straight from idea generation to the basics of financial knowledge required, along with a healthy dose of hands-on activities.

Student Developer, Microsoft Technology Center Bengaluru

Here I worked independently on the setup and implementation of an Azure-Enabled Hydroponics Monitoring System. I was involved in both the hardware and software sides of this project, and I used Azure tools and technologies such as Azure {Event Hub, IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Power BI} to implement it. Some parts are discussed here.


Contributed to Meilisearch

Read more on the blog post about this

LaunchPad 2021

Organized and Conducted an Ideathon supported by PESU Venture Labs

Tech Lead: HackNight 2021

Led a team of developers and open-source maintainers to conduct HackNight, ACM PESUECC's annual Hacktoberfest event. Implemented and Optimized Chick-bot, the official event bot.

Git Up and Running 2021

Conducted a workshop on Git, and taught 200+ students about the basics of contributing to open source.

Core Team Lead, HackerSpace PESUECC

I was appointed the founding core team lead of HackerSpace PESUECC, which is a student-driven developer and Open-source community. As of the date of writing this, HackerSpace ECC is now a vibrant and well-known fixture of the PESU Student Community, comprising of more than 35 Staff members.

Started Learning Rust

I don't have to say too much more :D


Joined PES University