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I was reading my friend, Anant Thazhemadam's blog, and happened to come across this line.

"This blog is for me. By that, I mean it is for me, and me only."

I realized that i've spent most of my time with this blog as a platform to showcase who I am. While that's definitely the aim I've got in mind when I work on it, I'm realising it quickly became a place for me to put content out for someone else to see. To that end, I started considering the blog to be a place to show what I wanted to be, not what I am.

Till date, every single thing I wrote on this blog was written keeping in mind the perspective of someone who's looking to hire me, or work with me. While this is important in terms of building a brand, it's absolutely terrible for keeping this home on the internet in sync with who I am and what I do.

No more!

This blog is going to

So here's what's changing, apart from the interface of some components of this blog -

I'm going to stop writing posts specifically for the blog.

Anything that goes up on the blog will be a side effect of what i'm currently doing. Sure, this may make the space a little less technical at times, but that's the entire point - I'm not (and should not be) writing it to meet some criteria of what a "good" blog looks like. It might also change the frequency with which I'm trying to post.

This blog is my home on the internet. It should reflect what I'm up to, and what I'm working on, not necessarily only what other people are looking to understand out of the blog. It's going to be a lead indicator of what I'm working on, and a lag indicator of who I am.

In the old days, back when every single bit of information on the internet wasn't commoditized, people's homepages were a true window into who they were. It represented their thoughts, their ideas and their opinions (yes, opinions!).

This post is called reclaim, because I'm reclaiming this space to be my own.

Published on: 2022-05-28
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