Anirudh Rowjee

This is Anirudh's Blog. Welcome.

I'm currently studying computer science at PES University, with an interest in Databases and Distributed Systems.

I like writing, reading, and playing guitar. You can read some more of my best work here.

Understanding MapReduce → Exploring MapReduce, a foundational computing paradigm for Big Data

Rustlang 101 → Let's Learn about Rust!

Boxes → Are we putting ourselves in boxes or containers?

Fixing a Bug in Meilisearch → How I made my first Hacktoberfest 2021 Contribution in Rustlang

Dubai in Pictures - Part 1 → Come with me to Dubai!

What you can learn from Failure → Here's everything I learnt as a project team leader (primarily as a Lead for the ACM PESUECC AIEP 2021)

Decorators by Example in Python 🐍 🍩 → Trying to understand what a decorator in Python is, and how to use it

My Thesis → My Thesis to life, and the rules I strive to live by

Saaru - Rust India May 2023 Meetup → this is about Saaru, a Static Site Generator

Git Up and Running (Git 101) → This post is my best attempt to put into words a talk I gave (by the same title) at my University a couple of times. Grab a cup of coffee/tea/water, and let's learn about Git!

reclaim → Some of my thoughts on where this blog is going.

You Wouldn't Unlock a Mutex! → Did you know that you can't unlock a Mutex in Rust?

A summary of "Error Handling in Rust" → I attempt to summarize an article by @burntsushi5